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With more than 60 years in the Chilean market, Droguería Hofmann focuses on innovation and the constant development of high quality products, importing and distributing them to the medical and retail industries.

Our team, from high professional standards and diverse backgrounds, allows us to advise our customers and suppliers on brand and product value creation.

All our employees go through integration and innovation process as well as participate in ongoing training programs. They are the key for the success and professionalism of our company. These activities encourage the participation and creativity, allowing us to be at the forefront of the Chilean market needs.

Our diverse customers, belonging to the different areas of the health industry (Public and Private Hospitals) and Retail industry (Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Department Stores and Retail Stores) see us as a reliable, responsible partner with a customized service focused on their requirements. Our quick and timely response to their needs positions us as a market leader and exclusive representative of internationally recognized brands.

Droguería Hofmann is committed to well-being and health, seeking innovative solutions to improve the quality of life in our country.


vision hofmann
Being a company that is leader in the medical and retail industries, establishing strategic alliances, aiming to meet the demands of a society that seeks innovative solutions, creating long-term value for our consumers, suppliers,, customers, employees and shareholders.


mision hofmann
To be a company committed to the new generations, constantly innovating through products and technologies. Allowing us to meet the expectations of our society, without losing sight of the principles and corporate values.

Our Values

  1. Experience: Over 60 years’ experience in the Chilean market, provide us with a leadership in the marketing of new brands and products.
  2. Innovation: Constantly seeking and implementing new technologies and products that provide quality and safety to our customers.
  3. Trust: We develop long-term relationships with both our suppliers and our clients.
  4. Excellence: Highly specialized and ethical team, trained to provide the best service to our stakeholders.
  5. Goal Oriented: Our business must be profitable to continue growing, without neglecting all of our responsibilities and commitments.
  6. Quality: Strict quality control systems and supervision to deliver the best service and products.